Precious Metals for Brazing Filler Metals

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Precious Metals for Brazing Filler Metals

We offer brazing filler metals of various alloys and shapes to suit your applications.

An array of compositions and shapes are available to suit various brazing requirements.
Our brazing filler metals exhibit high bondability in metal-to-metal bonding and are most suitable for sealing and attaching components.


  • Brazing alloys with varying melting points are available that suit each application
  • Available in tape, formed shapes, wire, powder and paste depending on the application

Melting Points of Brazing Filler Metals (BMF)

* Ni and Al-Mg BFMs not available.

Silver Brazing Filler Metal (for atmosphere)

Usable in a hydrogen atmosphere and other atmosphere furnaces, brazing can be carried out without the need of fluxes.


Type Solid-phase temperature Liquid-phase temperature Base metal
TK-851 780 840 Suitable for bonding nickel, kovar and tungsten
Not suitable for ferrous materials
VAgCu28 780 780
TK-721 780 780
BAg-8 780 780
TK-671 700 755 Suitable for bonding nickel, kovar and tungsten
TK-631 685 730
BAg-21 690 800 Suitable for stainless steel
Ag60Cu30Sn10 600 720 Suitable for stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and carbon steel

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